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Tailor-Made Travel!
Your dreams made true by Tourism for All!

Tourism for All is your personal travel architect and makes  Tailor-Made Travel arrangements specially for you!

You always wanted dreamed of seeing Barcelona with your own favorite program? Or Rome, Florence, Venice or Krakow?

Tourism for All composes for you a total dream city trip with a dream program to your own personal taste!

You always dreamed to travel to the Sinaï desert, make a wine-tasting trip in Italy or sky diving on the island of Texel?    
Tourism for All does not stop till every detail of the trip is clear and can be booked for you and your family or company!

You always dreamed of exploring Sicily because you loved the movie ‘The Godfather’ and your wish was to travel on from Sicily to Turkey on a cruise ship?       
Tourism for All will make your dream come true and you will travel Sicily and enjoy your cruise just the way you wanted!

You were always interested in World War II and dreamed of visiting all the special historical places - Normandy (the longest day), Arnhem (A Bridge too Far), the concentration camps in Germany, the battlefields in Belgium? 
Tourism for All will make a very special program for you covering every aspect of your trip!

These are only examples. Contact us and tell us about your dreams, Tourism for All loves to hear about them!

Tailor-Made Travel for everyone with special needs AND special wishes!