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Tourism for All offers consultancy on:


  • assessing the infrastructure and environment
  • analyzing the weak and the strong points
  • providing the criteria to improve the accessibility

Marketing and Communication

  • advising how to provide the right information for the clients
  • making your website accessible
  • information on the best media channels for publicity

Staff training

  • training all staff to welcome all guests with special needs
  • awareness raising on accessibility of the infrastructure and environment


Tourism for All offers advice & consultancy to:

  • countries and regions wanting to improve their Tourism for All


  • cities wanting to attract more visitors by improving their accessibility
  • accommodations wanting to present a (more) accessible offer 


  • providers of recreational facilities wanting to offer (more) accessibility
  • (public) transport companies in need of staff training


  • airports wanting to improve their accessibility and special assistance for passengers with reduced mobility
  • tour operators and travel agencies wanting to create accessible packages (USA: €1500 per year + 3% commission on booking) Travel Helpdesk


  • booking offices seeking advice on how to map their accessible offer
  • hotels and holiday villages seeking to improve their accessible offer


  • tourist offices wanting to know how to find and present their accessible offer
  • training institutes tourism seeking expertise on workshops for Tourism for All


  • publishers of travel guides wanting to present accessible tourism information

Tourism for All is good business because:

  • tourists with disabilities represent a potential and steadily growing market group; at least 15% of the inhabitants of Europe have some form of disability. This is expected to rise as the average age of the population increases
  • there is a potential and incremental demand from 21 million Europeans who could be expected to travel, if accommodation,transport and sightseeing facilities were accessible to them, and effectively marketed
  • there is a multiplier effect because of the family, friends and business colleagues travelling in the company of the disabled customer
  • people with disabilities and elderly people have a preference for “off peak” travel, being unrestricted by school holidays
  • people with disabilities and elderly people have a tendency to book well in advance
  • people with disabilities and elderly people have a very strong sense of repeat customer loyalty
  • it is complying with the antidiscrimination laws, a strong reason for treating people with disabilities equally and fairly, inclusively.

Our experience is the key! Our experience puts the puzzle pieces together!

    Tourism for All has an excellent network of partners and advisors in many countries, with whom TfA works closely together.

    Should you need information on an expert on ‘Tourism for All’ or on ‘Design for All’  in your country and there is no contact mentioned in your country, please do not hesitate and  contact us

    We will answer you as soon as possible.

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