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T for A offers a total consultancy concept to all parties in the tourism industry, advising them on accessibility, PR & Marketing, and also provides staff training to welcome all guests with special needs!

T for A offers exciting destinations worldwide - a wide choice of accessible accommodations in many countries and many cities. A team of experts is ready to book the chosen trip!

Tailor-Made Travel

T for A makes dreams come true. Someone has dreamed his whole life to travel to the Sinaï desert, make a wine-tasting trip in Italy or sky diving on the island of Texel - T for A is the travel architect and makes Tailor-Made Travel arrangements!

  • Tourism for All is member of and/or works in partnership with:

  • ENAT


        The mission of Tourism for All is to make travel and tourism - services, products and destinations - accessible to all travelers worldwide, regardless of their physical limitations, disabilities or age.


        ACCESSIBILITY = quality + comfort + safety for everyone 
        quality + comfort + safety for everyone = ACCESSIBILITY

        What’s it all about?

        Tourism for All is all about inclusion of

        • people with physical impairments such as wheelchair users, people with sticks or crutches
        • people with visual or hearing impairments
        • people with learning difficulties or mental impairments
        • elderly people with walking difficulties, a heart condition or other problems associated with ageing

        and also of

        • people with temporary impairments e.g recovering from an injury
        • travelers carrying heavy luggage
        • women in later stages of pregnancy
        • travelers with young children, especially those using push-chairs
        • staff working in hotels, restaurants, museums and so on and so forth

        All of them benefit from an accessible environment!

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